5 Things that Travellers shouldn’t forget about when flying

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Short flights along the coastline or hopping into nearby countries are easy enough to prepare for. But when you are going through multiple time zones or spending more than six hours on a plane? It’s important to fill your personal item with the necessary goods to help keep you entertained and healthy.

Every type of traveller requires something different to spend an extended period of time up in the air snacks for some. And for most, you need a solid neck pillow or blanket for a nice sleep.

Power Bank

If you have a heavy load of deadlines, and you often skip sleeping on long-haul flights of uninterrupted work hours. You will need a power bank as your phone don’t always last as long as you need them to, so you must pack a portable USB power bank to ensure your technology is always in full power as you are.

Medication or motion sickness medicine

Be sure to pack any medication or motion sickness meds that you may need. Even if your flight isn’t a long one, it is still a good idea to put medication in your carry-on. Just in case you lost your checked bag.


Be sure to bring along whatever makes you happy and can keep you entertained for a long period of time. Phones, books, games, whatever makes you fun! Bring it along and don’t let boredom steal the excitement of traveling from you!

Also note that it is never a good idea to put any of your valuable electronics in your checked bag in case it gets lost or stolen, so you’ll want to have those with you anyways.

A pair of comfy shoes

You should always wear your best pair of shoes on international flights so that you don’t have to go through the ordeal of packing them. That said, you should also pack a smaller, more comfortable pair of shoes or slippers to wear mid-flight. This way your feet will stay warm, cozy. And you will be able to get up and use the bathroom without having to put your big shoes back on again

Your diary & a pen

It is a really good way to capture the emotions as they rise. And record what it feels like to leave something behind and head into the unknown. It is also a really good way to pass the time, and in the future, you will be so glad you journaled about it.