Summer in Mammoth Lakes

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Mammoth Lakes in California’s Mono County locates in a valley in the eastern Sierra Nevada. And yet remains in the centre of everything. It is just a five hours drive from Los Angles, Las Vegas and San Francisco and a two hours from Lake Tahoe.

Mammoth Lakes is best known as a ski resort. But when the snow finally melts what you get is a village that is simply beyond unusual. There is forest surrounding it with the Ansel Adams and the John Muir Wilderness Areas bordering it. You can see the Minaret hills and peaks on the sky line.

On the near horizon is the dizzyingly high Mammoth Mountain. The mountain is actually a volcano and you can even see steam escaping from its top.

There is only around 8,000 locals in Mammoth Lakes. People spend their time involved in marathon runs, bike tours, kayaking, hiking or some climbing escapade.

In the evening there are film viewings in the village and live music and at the weekends a summer food market festival pops up.

Where to eat in Mammoth Village

Toomeys: This is a great place to have breakfast. Pancakes, eggs as you like them with potato and sourdough and great coffee too.

Smokeyard: A fun, chilled out gaff where burgers and streaks. These are huge portions and not really anyone actually finishes their food. Waiters always offer a doggy bag.