Top 5 Affordable Luxury Vacations

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Just because you are not a member of the one percent, it doesn’t mean you can’t travel like it. Whether it’s booking a safari adventure or vacationing on a private island. There are many quality luxury trips that are also surprisingly affordable.

Here are some of the top places to visit that will exceed your expectations based on how little they cost. Nothing beats a good bargain, but the best part is, you won’t even have to jump through hoops to land one of these exceptional travel deals.

New Zealand

Head to New Zealand for the ultimate camping trip. The Slipper Island resort is a one-of-a-kind adventure that gives guests access to the entire island. You are free to swim, hike, go to the beach, explore, and more at the remote space. Stylish camping stays to private chalets are available anywhere between $57 to $251/person a night.


The luxury all-inclusive resort at Sandals Emerald Bay in the Bahamas is the definition of paradise. A secluded mile-long beach, impressive pools, a Greg Norman-designed championship golf course, and the unique swimming pigs boat tour are just some of the exclusive activities offered there, with rates starting at $269/night.

South Africa

Book a safari on a budget in South Africa.
Kruger, Sabi Sand, and Madikwe in South Africa are your best bet of finding something that works within your budget. Depending on when and where you book, it can end up being no more than $150 a night.


Relax for a few days right in the middle of a scenic lake two hours from Metro Manila. Aquascape, with rates of under $200/night, also it can house a group of six. Each motorised cabin is out on the water, but has all your modern needs with a mini bar, dining area, and kitchen.


All inclusives at the popular Mexican destination can be steep, so opt for a hut at the jungle, beachside getaway of Ahau Tulum. Their Bali Huts run for less than $100/night during winter season, so now is the perfect time to go. Aside from wanting to Instagram everything, they offer daily yoga and water sport classes for an extra fee.