6 Things You Should Do the Day Before You Leave for a Vacation

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It’s the eve of your departure, the day before you leave for that long-overdue vacation you’ve been dreaming of for months. But before you embark on your trip, there are some important steps for you to take.

Alert your credit card company
To ensure your credit card works while you’re traveling, your credit card company needs to know your travel plans. If you’ve waited this long though, you may have to call instead of submitting an online form.

Contact your cell phone company
Traveling abroad? Call your service provider to help you set up the cheapest plan for making calls, sending text messages, and accessing Internet from your smartphone.

Confirm all reservations
Double-check all your reservations: your flight, hotel, car rental, restaurants, attractions, and any other services or experiences you’ve planned. You don’t want any surprises at a check-in counter.

If you have access to a printer, it’s not a bad idea to print out confirmations. If you don’t, write down confirmation numbers (and customer service phone numbers) and keep the paper easily accessible in your wallet or carry-on.

Check the weather
This may seem like an obvious one, but many travellers forget to do it. Check the forecast for your destination and your hometown when you’ll be returning, and pack appropriately.

Clean out your wallet
Look through your wallet and remove any items you don’t need on your trip. Leave loyalty cards, gift cards, extra credit cards, and any other unnecessary contents at home.

Make advance payments on bills that have due dates during your trip.
Don’t want to get hit with late fees? Make sure all credit cards, housing expenses and other monthly bills will be paid on time.