Top 5 things to see and do in Lapland, Finland

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Lapland, located in the northernmost part of Finland in the arctic circle. It is famous for its magical Northern Lights and being the home of Santa Claus.

During the winter months a thick layer of glittering snow covers this frosty tundra. That blankets the pine trees.

Explore Lapland’s dramatic landscape by snowmobile

This is a fantastic way to start your adventure in Lapland. As you can cover lots of ground in a relatively short time. Therefore take a guided tour on specially ploughed paths across frozen lakes, through pine-strewn forests, and atop the vast snowy expanse of the Finnish highlands. You don’t need any previous experience to drive a snowmobile, but you will need to be over 18 and have a full, clean driving license.

Hike through the forest on snowshoes

They may look like tennis rackets, but snowshoes are a very effective way of navigating through the white stuff. The area of Saariselka offers excellent conditions for snowshoeing and plenty of marked trails.

Meet the reindeer and take a sleigh ride

Visit a working farm and learn all about the reindeer, their quirky personality traits and their various uses. Reindeer are wild animals and don’t like to be petted but you can feed them some lichen. During the visit you can take a short ride through the forest on reindeer sleighs. The reindeer are very strong and pulling a sleigh for two takes little effort.

Dine at the Ice Bar & Restaurant

The Northern Lights Village has an ice restaurant built annually at a cost of €100,000. It is made almost entirely from ice with 2m thick ice walls. Also diners get to sit on an ice throne on top of a reindeer skin alongside blue-lit icy tables.

Enjoy a wilderness dinner after searching for the Northern lights

Head to one of the frozen lakes in search for the Northern Lights. Since you have a much better chance of seeing them in the wilderness as there is less light pollution. Once you feel the cold is too much, make your way into the cosy cabin on the edge of the lake and enjoy a three course meal cooked by your local guide.