The new favorite of Bangkok travel – Siam Ocean World

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The new favorite of Bangkok travel – Siam Ocean World, save money and have fun!

  Going to Thailand for free travel, no photos of Bangkok Siam Ocean World, you may be OUT!
In recent years, Siam Ocean World has become the new darling of Bangkok’s free travel and parent-child travel, becoming a must-see attraction and cost-effective.
How can I play the best experience? Don’t take the time to watch it for 3 minutes, and quickly unlock the gameplay skills that save money and worry.

Meet the Siam Ocean World, save time and money!

  The Siam Underwater World sits on the ground floor of Siam Paragon, Siam Paragon, Bangkok. Siam Paragon is Thailand’s most famous shopping mall. After visiting the Siam Ocean World, you can eat food and food in succession!
Recommended traffic by light rail:
  Take the Bangkok MRT BTS, get off at Siam Station, take Exit 5 and arrive at Siam Paragon (Siam Paragon)
Children under 90cm can take the Bangkok MRT BTS for free. Children over 90cm in height need to purchase an adult ticket!
  Choose to take the light rail, not only can experience the public transportation in Thailand, feel the life of Thai people, and save money!
  Traffic jams in Bangkok are serious. When you are at the peak of non-work hours, you can choose to take a taxi, which is better and faster!
If you encounter a peak traffic jam, don’t try it, it is definitely beyond your imagination! It is recommended that friends who want to arrange excursions in the evening must leave early, or choose to take the light rail. Sometimes they will block for 2 to 3 hours on the road. The scenic spot will stop checking in at 20 o’clock and it will be cool.
Taxi is recommended to take the “METER” type of ceiling light, only the taxi word, without the Meter, you can negotiate the price, but it is likely that the driver will spend a lot of money!

BTS rail transit
Siam Paragon at Siam Square
Entering the entrance to the Siam Ocean World inside the mall is already very eye-catching, there are wood. The entire entrance design is like a colorful underwater world, creating an infinite fantasy of the ocean. I just want to wait and go in.
Siam Ocean World in Paragon