In addition to the blue town of the Sahara Desert(Day1-Day2)

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For a long time, Morocco has been the back garden of the French people. Although it is now visa-free for China, it is located in the north of Africa and there are no direct flights. Therefore, for the Chinese people, Morocco has been in a hot but somewhat unpopular state in Morocco. There are basically no Chinese people in the territory, and there are only a few blue cities in the world, and the Sahara under the three writings are the reasons why I went to Morocco.

In fact, I went to Morocco and wanted to be free. But the friends I have been to say that the freedom is too pit, the traffic is inconvenient, the communication is inconvenient, and some scammers are encountered, so I chose to follow the group. Later, I found that my choice was not Wrong, I want to go out for a trip. The result is that I have to charge 150 for the distance of 10 yuan. I am also convinced. Fortunately, I don’t know how much I will get.

This time I traveled with Thomas Cook. Thomas Cook is a travel agency from the UK and the first travel agency in the world. After entering China, Thomas Cook has been passionate about sharing and leading more travelers to explore the extraordinary roads, to reach the once-in-a-lifetime places, to experience the local culture in depth, and to love some of them like Morocco, Turkey. Small, charming destinations such as Tanzania, are shared with travelers.

After watching the small video, let me go through the trip again.

Day1 Shanghai Transit Paris

At the airport that night, I took a French flight to Morocco. In fact, I can buy Emirates Airlines, but Emirates Airlines arrived two hours later than Air France, and the Emirates Airlines is in the afternoon, which is a waste of time. The first choice is Air France.
Get a small gift for your trip! The travel agency is really intimate and the conversion plugs are ready.

Day2 arrives Casablanca

A night flight finally arrived in Morocco’s first big city, Casablanca.

There is a guided pick-up at the airport, and the bus goes directly to the Moroccan capital Rabat.
Go straight to the Bharat Palace without going to the hotel.

Although they can’t enter the door, the security guards’ uncles are very handsome and very spirited.