In addition to the blue town of the Sahara Desert(Day3)

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Day3 Tangier Chefchaouen (focus)

The advantage of living in a seaside hotel is that you can get up to see the sea the next day.

After breakfast, go straight to the bus and start your day.
Today’s focus is Chefchaouen, but before that, visit Tangier’s old town, city walls and traditional markets.

The locals in the market will have more affinity than the locals outside. After all, there is no direct economic relationship and connection.

Continue to the Spartan Point to visit the Hole in Hercules.

Looking over Spain and watching the dividing point between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

Detoan’s old town is a must visit.

Lifestyle and language are deeply influenced by Spain. The light blue building is matched with a white wall, and there is always the illusion of being in the Mediterranean island. The blue here seems to be the same as the mountain town from the sky.

The net red punch card must go.