In addition to the blue town of the Sahara Desert(Day4)

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Today’s going is the most flavorful (most famous and oldest) Fez in Morocco.
In fact, the taste I said is not the taste of the architectural style you imagined, but the smell of the smelly smell. When you look at it yourself, you know how much it tastes.

With over 2,800 years of history, the ancient city of Fes is the oldest of the four imperial cities in Morocco and the center of religion, culture and art for more than a thousand years in Morocco. Fes also has a palace, and the Moroccan king built a palace in many cities.

The old town of Fez is surrounded by a 5 m brown wall.

There are more than 200 mosques and famous traditional crafts in the area. The old city street of Fez is the largest in the world. More than a thousand handicraft shops are set up between very narrow, labyrinthine lanes.

It seems that life has not changed for hundreds of years. The daily life of the local residents has been integrated with religion. It can be said to be a living museum. It has been rated as one of the ten most romantic cities in the world by the American Geographic Magazine.

I went to eat a net red restaurant.

See the panoramic view of the entire old town of Fez from a height.